Monday, 31 August 2015

To Crack Windows 7 Password Without Any Software

How to crack windows 7 password without any software

Power on the computer and the Windows 7 should start. When it displays “Starting Windows” long press the power button to force the system shutdown. Windows 7 will treat this as a start up fault and try to recover from the error. Don’t worry! We’re moving rightly according to our planning.

Step 1.
Restart (Hard power off) your computer and you should get into the Error Recovery window. Select "Launch startup Repair (recommended).


System start-up repair wizard will start to attempt the repair your windows.

Step 2.
System will ask  "Do you want to restore your computer using System Restore" Click on "Cancel" button.

Step 3.
Now it will take some time to switch for next window, so please wait until next window appear.
In next window system will say "Startup Repair can not repair this computer automatically" now click on radio button stating "view problem details" as in picture shown below.

Step 4.
Scroll down to bottom of message in next window, and click on hyper link as shown below.

Step 5.
This will open local privacy policy in notepad. Now click on "File" in file menu and click "Open"

Step 6.
In next window click on "Look in" radio button as shown in image. This will drop down the menu to select specific location. Now select the first partition of your Local Drive (in which your Windows is installed), as shown below

Step 7.
Now go to Windows>System32 and select "sethc" file. Now rename this file as "sethc_backup" or "sethc_bak to protect from further damages.

Step 8.
Similarly search file "cmd" in Windows\System32 and copy this file by right click of mouse. Now, right click on  empty space and select ‘Paste’. Another file named as cmd–copy is created at the same location.

Step 9.
Now rename file "cmd-copy" as "sethc"

Step 10.

Once you renamed these files, close all existing windows and click on "Finish" to exit from "Startup Repair" wizard.

Step 11. Now you PC will restart, wait until login screen appear. Now hit "shift" key 5 times from keyboard. You will get command prompt windows. Now give the command "net user" to view existing users in your computer.

Step 12.

Now run the command "net user user_name *"  (Replace user_name with your existing user name in previous list). It will as for password, give new password and confirm that.

 Now it is done........................Log-in windows with your new password.........

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