Monday, 24 April 2017

How to install MYSQL server on Centos 7

MySQL is an open-source database management program, usually installed as part of the popular LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP). It uses a relational database and Structured Query Language to manage it's data.

Installing MYSQL Server



  In order to install MYSQL Server on CentOS 7 first you have to download and add MYSQL repository to local machine, and than update with the help of following commands one by one. Results will be as shown in images.
sudo rpm -ivh mysql-community-release-el7-5.noarch.rpm
yum update



Now install MYSQL as usual software by yum install command, It will ask you for confirmation. Type "y" to continue installation and then start mysqld service to start the server

sudo yum install mysql-server
sudo systemctl start mysqld


Now run mysql_secure_installation command to secure your newly installed server.

Here it will ask you to change MYSQL root password, remove ad-on user accounts, database login permissions from local and network computers and to remove additional databases.


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